Julie A. Bauer, MD       Kimberley A. Webster-Bourne, MD, FACE

Know your Goal's  - A1C <7.0%,    Blood Pressure  <120/80,   Cholesterol <200.  Iif you are not meeting these goals -   Talk with your Dr.                      Orlando Diabetes and Endocrine Specialists, P.A.

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The address is 6150 Metrowest Blvd, Suite 105, Orlando, FL 32835




This page is designed to provide general information about the specialties we serve - Diabetes, Thyroid, Metabolism and other Endocrine-related conditions, such as PCOS We do not practice general medicine.  This is a complete list of the conditions we treat in this office. 


Take a look at our office policies.  


For specific questions about your condition, please call the office and schedule an appointment to see one of our providers, Dr. Bauer  or  Dr. Webster-Bourne.   A referral and copies of lab work, scans, ultra sound or biopsy from your Dr's office is required to make an appointment. 


On this site you can meet some of the staff, see pictures, find out what to do if you are hospitalized, and read general information about my office.  This is a detailed list of all insurances we accept.   If you have an HMO, you Must have a referral from your primary care physician (except UHC).   You are responsible for knowing your insurance coverage.

You are responsible for knowing which Lab, Quest or Lab Corp. or ORHS or FL Hosp., for lab work.  ALL lab results, scans, biopsy are reviewed with you in our office during one of your visits.    Lab results will not be given over the phone.

We are located in the beautiful community of Metrowest on Metrowest Blvd.  Our Office Hours will accommodate any work schedule.  We are a short drive from anywhere in Orlando via the 408. 

Mapquest and Yahoo maps are WRONG.  Please take a peek at the driving directions and pictures of our building.  


New Patients Click here 

Existing Patients click here for the patient portal




Send e mail to info@bestendo.com with questions or comments about this web site.  Call the office for appointment changes, cancels, insurance updates.
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