Dr Bourne and Dr Bauer closing for good January 19, 2018

Please contact your primary care doctor if you need prescriptions, lab results, lab order, prior auths, etc.  Once the office is close no medical personnel will be available.


Your medical records will be sent to you by a medical records processing service.  Their email address is sugar@bestendo.com  It takes 6 weeks to process and email your medical records to you in a pdf file. 

There will be a charge for all medical records after January 19, 2018.  There is a standard State of FL fee of $1 per page for the first 25 pages then $0.25 per page.  Please be sure to fill out the credit card info on the form.

Even though we are closing, BY law we are required to make your medical records availble for 10 years after we close


Please click on this link to fill out the records release and email consent form.  Be sure to sign BOTH forms or the process will be delayed. 



No we have not been hacked.  The practice has shut down for good on January 19, 2018.


Dr Bourne is moving to Texas y'all.

Dr Bauer will be going to work with Dr Carlos Pacheco / Dr Penny Glickman in Maitland. She starts in February.

PA-C Krista Brown-Rivera will be going to work for Dr Maribel Montoya in Winter Garden. 

ARNP Jackie Hudson is working with Dr Wendy Huhn on the East side of Orlando.


You can do a bing or google search for their contact info.