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Know your Goal's  - A1C <7.0%,    Blood Pressure  <120/80,   Cholesterol <200.  Iif you are not meeting these goals -   Talk with your Dr.                      What is Diabetes?

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In the United States, as of 2001, there are 18.1 million people with Diabetes, 90-95% of them have Type 2 diabetes.  Only 5-10% have Type 1 diabetes.  A large portion, 6.1 million, do not know they have diabetes.  Fortunately there are many treatment options for Type 2's from insulin to oral medication to diet and exercise.  There was a recent study that showed patients can return to normal blood glucose with just a 7% reduction in weight.    

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How do you know if you have Diabetes?  Do you have a family history of Diabetes?  Many people attending our health fairs have said that their grandmother or aunt or uncle had Diabetes.   This is is the test; if your blood sugar, by a 2-hour glucose tolerance test is >200 mg/dl, or a Fasting Blood Glucose >126 mg/dl.  Finally a random blood sugar over 200 mg/dl with symptoms of diabetes (excessive thirst, urination, weight change, blurred vision) diagnoses diabetes mellitus.  If you are diagnosed with Diabetes you should see an Endocrinologist, even if it is not from our office.  However, there is HOPE for Diabetes.



Type 1 Diabetes - Autoimmune-type with destruction of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas; dependent on insulin to live.  People with type 1 diabetes have to have insulin delivered by a pump or injection.
Many of these patients choose an insulin infusion pump to deliver insulin instead of injecting with a syringe 3 times per day.  What is an insulin pump and how can it help you?

Type 2 Diabetes - Dual defect of insulin resistance followed by insulin deficiency; affects 95% of those with diabetes; controlled with diet/exercise, pills, and/or insulin.

HbA1C - Hemoglobin A 1 C.  Your HbA1c should be <6.5%. It can be tested every 3 months or at least 2-3 times per year.  

GTT - Glucose Tolerance Test, where you drink a 75g orange flavored drink and blood is drawn from your arm at various intervals.  The interval could be 30 minutes, 1hr, 2 or 3 hours.

Retinopathy - A complication from high blood sugars in which the small vessels in the eye become coated with sugar and eventually rupture or hemorrhage.  It is the most common cause of blindness in working age adults in this country.

Nephropathy - A complication from high blood sugars in which the vessels in the kidney become leaky and protein is lost in the urine instead of being recirculated into the body.

Heart Disease - if you have diabetes you have to be extra careful with heart and blood vessel disease.  You have a greater chance of having a permanent heart attack as your first one vs. someone without Diabetes who is having a second heart attack.


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