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Know your Goal's  - A1C <7.0%,    Blood Pressure  <120/80,   Cholesterol <200.  Iif you are not meeting these goals -   Talk with your Dr.                      New Patient Info

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Thank you for choosing our physicians for your Endocrine care.  We do not treat colds, flu, infections, etc.

We require a recommendation or note or referral, from your doctor, PCP, GYN, Cardiologist, or other doctor.  Your insurance may not require it but this is our office policy

Your first visit with us will be a 30 minute consultation to assess your condition.  Your second visit of 15 minutes, will be scheduled 3-4 weeks later to discuss the results of  lab work we may have ordered. 

Lab results will not be discussed via telephone.  The doctor will give you a copy of your lab results after your visit.  

- For your first appointment -

- most recent lab work, ultra sound, biopsy, A1C, etc..   Fax to (407-293-4540)


Bring your meter and log to every visit if you have Diabetes

Bring your insurance card and a photo ID


Co-pays, deductibles Are due at the time of your visit.  Verify coverage with your insurance before your appointment.  You are responsible for all charges if they are not covered by your insurance.


- Fill out your family doctors name and pharmacy.  you can select them on the web site. 


- Lastly Ignore all of the questions that would have a NO answer.  Just leave them blank.  Please take your time filling out all of the information.  It is very important for your first visit. 



Click here to access the Patient Portal.  Pls call the office (407-293-2150) and get your userid and password if you do not already have one. 


Send e mail to info@bestendo.com with questions or comments about this web site.  Call the office for appointment changes, cancels, insurance updates.
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