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In addition to the history and physical examination, interpretation of laboratory data is an integral part of the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine conditions.  At a new patient visit, Dr. Bourne, Dr Bauer and Dr Matthews will order numerous laboratory studies to aid in your diagnosis and management.  It is necessary to have the lab work completed prior to your next visit, so they may review the results with you. 

After your visit to the lab, no matter what the Tech tells you, it takes at least 5-7 business days for those results to be received by our office. Many specialized hormone tests may take up to ten business days before we receive the results.  Copies of your lab results may be obtained after they have been reviewed with you with my staff.  Lab results will not be discussed over the phone Nor will labs be faxed to your referring Dr.   

1)  You have more flexibility with a PPO or Medicare.  Due to the differing benefits of each insurance plan, we recommend that you check  your benefits booklet prior to your office visit so YOU will know if a particular facility is preferred.  

2)  If you have an HMO, your lab work must be done at a specific laboratory contracted by your insurance company. 


When in Doubt - Call your insurance with questions.


Send e mail to info@bestendo.com with questions or comments about this web site.  Call the office for appointment changes, cancels, insurance updates.
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